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Enterprise WordPress

As the world’s most popular CMS with over ten years active development behind it, WordPress is more than mature enough to be an enterprise grade CMS.

The two ways to look at WordPress, one as blogging or conventional corporate website platform, the other as a robust and scalable enterprise web platform. As hundreds of hosting and website development companies in Malaysia promote WordPress optimized hosting or websites design powered by WordPress CMS, a few has actually promote WordPress as an attractive software solution for the enterprise and government space.

Skytomato Malaysia WordPress website design team is one the advocate in this area. We believe with the right strategy and implementation, WordPress is great not only for SMEs but also for large corporations and organizations.

WordPress Website Services

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s top and most popular Content Management System (CMS), and the platform is used by about one fourth of all websites across the globe. That is over 30% of websites running on this platform. Additionally, WordPress is used for websites large and small–as it is highly adaptive to the needs of it’s users.

Since its beginning days as a blogging and corporate website platform, WordPress has evolved to become a strong contender as an enterprise-level CMS. Yes, WordPress can be a powerful enterprise level CMS.

WordPress Website Services

What Is Enterprise WordPress

In business terms “enterprise” generally means a larger business or organization which usually comprises of units with own budget and objectives. Their requirements for online marketing are usually different compared to small business outfit in terms of publishing needs, team structures and web technology needs.

Enterprise websites will have to add localization, WordPress multilingual content, and many smaller microsites. Enterprise solutions also often arrive with complex access requirements which include the need for clearly defined roles and permissions. An enterprise website would also need to be supported strongly by capable and reputable website developers.

WordPress for Enterprise - Custom WordPress Development

Can WordPress be an enterprise CMS software?

As the world’s most popular CMS with over ten years active development behind it, WordPress is more than mature enough to handle these requirements. Automattic, a billion dollar company who owns, ensures that longevity and usability of WordPress for many years into the future. Some of the world’s largest companies using this establish platform lends tremendous credentials in enterprise space.

WordPress for Enterprise - Custom WordPress Development

What Features in WordPress Make it Enterprise?

  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multiple Authors
  • User Roles and Permissions
  • Extensibility
  • Standards Compliance
  • Centralized Media Management
  • Own Your Data
WordPress for Enterprise - Custom WordPress Development

How Powerful is WordPress?

  • Automated system updates
  • Powerful content publishing tools
  • Full suite of SEO tools and capabilities
  • Great user experience on the admin side
  • Massive developer support around the world – both paid and free
  • Flexible theme and features add-on
  • Easy to customized code
  • Easy upgrade path
    • You can add a web store, media galleries and video, contact forms, mailing lists, forums, analytics, SEO, carousel sliders, events calendars, social sharing, newsletter signups, advertising and affiliate links. And that’s just the plugins in the WordPress plugin directory with hundreds of plugins from other WordPress marketplaces.

WordPress for Enterprise - Custom WordPress Development

Who Uses WordPress Globally?

WordPress boast an impressive list of high-trafficked publishers and large corporations that uses WordPress as their website platform with complex needs. The list includes Microsoft News Center, Sony Music, Mercedes Benz, The Rotary Club, The Walt Disney Company, Forbes, CNN, NY Times, Mashable, TechCrunch, MTV, Wall Street Journal, and NASA. Each of these WordPress sites is capable of successfully serving the high volumes of daily traffic that they receive.

WordPress for Enterprise - Custom WordPress Development

Skytomato WordPress Services

Skytomato is Malaysia WordPress Website Designer Company and we loves everything about WordPress. We have been building WordPress website into elegant designs with complex architecture for use by manufacturers websites, property websites, product brand websites and websites for enterprises from various industries.

We research and work with reputable plugin developers, using paid versions to gain proper backing from its developer to ensure the WordPress website designed in Malaysia is well supported into the future.

We provide WordPress advise and recommendation to the type of plugins and features suitable for companies to add into its WordPress setup based on the available inhouse skill sets and management direction for its online presence.

WordPress for Enterprise - Custom WordPress Development