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Mobile Responsive Websites That Google Loves

Mobile Responsive Websites That Google Loves

When you are looking at making the most out of eCommerce in Malaysia, you need to put the proper effort and thought into the idea of web design. Of course, you know that you need a website, but what about that actual look, feel and experience with that website? You’ll want to make sure that […]

why is your facebook ads not converting

Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Converting?

Businesses generate $2 revenue on average for every $1 investment on Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads surely help you reach billions of audience, but the conversions can be difficult. As Facebook Ad campaigns are entirely different from what you are used to, generating revenue on investment can be tricky. If you are not seeing any return, […]

skills digital marketers need

Important Skills Digital Marketers Need In 2020

What are the most important skills every digital marketer must have in 2020? With changing customer interests, traffic dynamics, and social media marketing features, each New Year calls for greater awareness of a digital marketer. Pursuing a digital marketing career is a perfect move today. Every business needs to grow by reaching their target audience […]

Facebook ad vs google ads

Which One Is Better? Google Ads vs. FB Ads

Online advertising spreads the words in a matter of moments, and gaining organic traffic is not a challenge when it comes to Google Ads and Fb Ads. Considering the fact that Facebook has an outreach to about 2.3 billion active users per month and Google reaches billions of people every day through the search engine, […]

alternative for facebook ads

Alternative Platform To Facebook Ads

Putting all of your eggs in one basket is definitely a wrong decision! Put simply, relying only on Facebook Ads alone means you are targeting limited audience. To grow faster, you need to generate traffic from different platforms. Undoubtedly, digital marketing isn’t an easy task. As the traffic is constantly fluctuating and newer ways of […]

social media marketing

Social Media Tips to be Ahead of Your Competitors

With countless content churned out by your competitors every day on different social media platforms, how can your voice be heard? How can you beat the competition and stay ahead of the pack? The above questions are what this blog post is all about — digital marketing tips in Malaysia. Below are social media tips […]

online marketing 101

Online Marketing 101

Online marketing (Internet marketing or digital marketing) has to do with the promotion of a product or brand across one or more electronic media platforms, different from the traditional method of marketing. Digital marketing uses several channels and methods that allow a company or business to analyze their marketing campaigns to understand what’s working and […]

domain name cube

Choosing the Right Name for Your Website

In choosing the right domain name for your website, ensure that it is a name that sends the right signals to get the most value. Sending the right signal means a domain name that will influence your click-through-rate, develop trust, roll off the tongue during mouth publicity, and get attention in search results. So, here […]

Wordpress themes for eCommerce

25 Best Ecommerce WordPress Themes 2019

Online selling is rapidly gaining ground and has no intention of hitting the brakes. A lot of retailers are engaging in online stores as it has become an amazing way to reach a wide range of customers. WordPress hosting Malaysia can be used to resolve certain areas because eCommerce Malaysia is always in mind whenever […]