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build a business website

Essentials To Build A Business Website

Website design is always more complicated than you might think at first glance, especially if you are looking specifically at an eCommerce website in Malaysia. In order to get the best response from customers, you’ll have to dedicate lots of time and attention to your business website, but we’re looking to help you on that […]

Simple SEO tips

Simple SEO Tips to Enhance Your Website

As we know it, SEO is not static. With the search engine giants always updating and changing things in their algorithm, SEO is an ever-changing process. Therefore, it is vital to be up-to-date on the latest tips and strategies to enhance your website in 2020.   1. Google BERT and User-Focused Optimization BERT stands for […]

Mobile Responsive Websites That Google Loves

Mobile Responsive Websites That Google Loves

When you are looking at making the most out of eCommerce in Malaysia, you need to put the proper effort and thought into the idea of web design. Of course, you know that you need a website, but what about that actual look, feel and experience with that website? You’ll want to make sure that […]

website trends for 2020

Website Trends to Keep you Updated in 2020

It’s 2020 and you need to repaint your business in this new year. Every new year brings changes and, from a business point of view, it brings new strategies, tactics, campaigns and better services. So, how do you achieve all this? Let’s start with something basic, your website. It’s the first thing any customer sees […]

responsive website design on mobile

Why Mobile Responsive Website Design is Important in 2020?

With the advancement in technology, businesses in Malaysia are faced with a lot of competition and must take advantage of every available opportunity if they must profit in a highly competitive market. The current opportunity in the website design world is Responsiveness. Responsive website design is a way of web development that provides a customized […]

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20 Best eCommerce Website Designs for 2020

There are websites you see, and it makes you wonder. They look so sleek and easy to navigate. eCommerce websites in Malaysia, just like every other website, must equally be beautiful, easy to access, easy to navigate, easy to find products, and fast to open/load. This blog post explains twenty eCommerce websites we found to […]

best wordpress website design

15 Website Blog Design Ideas

WordPress hosting Malaysia is a well-renowned Internet blogging platform due to its powerful and flexible features. Another feature is its highly customizable theme which you can use to design your website to your unique taste. If you are an IT guru, WordPress hosting Malaysia theme can be personally created and uploaded for public or personal […]

Porto Magento theme

10 Best Templates for Your Ecommerce Website

If you own a small business and you need your customer base to expand without putting up a sales outlet/branch office in another location due to your budget, creating an online store or adding one to your website can help to generate revenue for your business and also reach new customers.  Business owners can broadcast […]

Website design on different devices

Improving User Experience with Website Design

It is for justifiable reasons that top websites hire the very best for their website design. A good web design ensures good website conversions, improves your website security and has your website visitors coming back for more. In today’s digital marketing space, your website can be said to be a 24/7 salesman and as such […]

Web Design Tips to Keep People On Your Website Longer

So you have created a website and you want as many people as possible to visit your site, and read your content. But for some reason you haven’t figured out yet, your visitors leave your site almost as quickly as they arrive. The truth is, if your visitors are not going to stick around long […]